Found Rhythm

As a former dancer and musician I understand the corporal interpretations of rhythm and movement, which I transform into colors and lines in my paintings and drawings and let them become acts of participation.

In dialog with international musicians and DJ’s I use their input, music and mixes to explore how the body’s spontaneous way of decoding sound and rhythm can be transformed into visual expressions on canvas and paper. It is not a detailed recreation, it is more my desire to freeze an impression, or to conceptualize a certain mood, that acts as the main expression.

The result is vivid spaces into which the viewer can dive and wander around. It’s a place of transformation and possibilities, rich with curiosity, fantasy, and energy

Other Rhythms

Other Rhythms is an art project about Rhythms, Skiing, Nature and Joy.

I have included a skilled team om persons representing expressions as film, dance, music, and skiing to create and present a project including Videoart, Performance, Drawings, and Paintings.

In order to invite to an artistic dialogue with both those who are exposed to art traditionally and those who are not, the project was not only exhibited in well established galleries in Norway and abroad, but also in locations related to skiing and outdoor sports.