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I amk Kristine


K. (Kristine Maudal) is a Norwegian visual artist. Her works are project based, mostly paintings on canvas and drawings. She works and exhibits internationally and her works of art are found in private and public collections around the world. 

As a former dancer and musician K. understands the corporal interpretations of rhythm and movement, and in her recent projects she explore this further.
She works closely in connection with selected musicians and DJs and seeks to transform rhythms and moods, into colors and lines in her paintings and drawings and let them become acts of participation.

The latter years she have had fewer exhibitions, allowing her to focus more on her art projects. You can get a taste of her universe here. 



I’m an artist and my mission in life is to create energy and happiness. 
And awesome artworks, of course.
I could have focused on the dark side – but I choose not to.

I tell you this because

In addition to my works of art I have an abundance of creativity and weird reflections,

things that make me happy, things that might inspire you and make you happy.

And I LOVE that you are here.

Because I want to share this with someone. Like you.



we really CAN make a difference

Because – know what – happiness is contagious

(it actually spreads like the flu according to some professors who did a 20 year study on the topic). 

so we should all be concerned with whom we hang out with.



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